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Welcome To TracyDesignMyLife 


Welcome babes to TracyDesignMyLife, my personal lifestyle blog! What is TracyDesignMyLife you’s all things design, fashion, beauty, health/wellness, events & lifestyle!!! 


Finally! Finally! Finally! It’s been a long time coming but there’s no better time like the present! The here and now!!! 


You’ll definitely find plenty of lifestyle inspiration, social commentary, personal ponderings, etc. on TracyDesignMyLife. 


I’m a Nola girl living in a Texas world....

The suburbs of Houston that is...but I’m never away from my beloved birth place New Orleans for very long!  In fact my love affair with architecture, design, music, the arts & cuisine was all birthed in the city that is as vibrant and magical as my technicolor dreams.













I married my super hot prom date many moons ago, and we introduced the world to our super cool kids some years later. Our kids happen to showcase their own talents plenty and often...both share a love of the stage! Hmmn, I wonder where that comes from!!! I did in fact study Theatre at NOCCA after all, (New Orleans Center For Creative Arts), before signing with my agent and teaching Acting.  Any who, I digress! As I was kids are talented actors gracing the stage, festivals, etc. My daughter Ava is a fashion & lifestyle blogger,(, a photographer, singer & writer. My son Jax is a published author who also enjoys photography & graphic design. Above all, they’re super funny, cool, creative, & kind...truly my best friends!


I have over a decade of experience working in the world of tv/film... first as a tv/commercial actor.  Secondly as crew, also listed with the Louisiana Film Commission. I’ve worked with Production companies out of Louisiana, California, New York, etc. Transitioning behind the scenes as a tv production makeup artist and wardrobe stylist; I’ve collaborated with a wide array of talent. Yep! So many interesting people ranging from musicians such as ‘Lil Wayne & LeAnn Rimes to the former Secretary of State Madeline Albright to Super Bowl Champions Eli & Peyton Manning. 


I’ve used my multi-faceted career experience which spans over 20 years collectively to bring forth a lifestyle blog! 


My time spent working as a Production Make up Artist/ Stylist, Licensed Floral Designer/ Events Coordinator, Licensed Realtor, CHMS,(Certified Home Marketing Specialist), Interiors Stylist/Stager, as well as a Personal Stylist/Shopper has served me well over the years. 


My advocacy and passion for health and wellness, led me on my  journey to become the GM of an international franchise, Club Pilates. I had the best time making connections, specifically with women of all ages & from all backgrounds.


 After spending a year with Club Pilates, I resigned to continue on with my passion as a creative, curator, and influencer.   As excited as I am about my upcoming projects, I have loved being the GM and growing my Club Pilates Studio to 500 members in less than a year, reaching top 10 internationally, and top 3 in our tier before turning it over to a very capable colleague and friend.  Also, I enjoyed using my fashion/marketing/merchandising  background as a retail buyer for the studio.  Not only did the studio reach top 10 in memberships,  but our amazing retail sales garnered top 10 retail status as well!!!!  I did it by leading a fantastic team of women and having awesome members along  the way members.  

Taking control of our health & wellness is critical and impacts our way of life completely. As it pertains to fitness/well-being/beauty & fashion, I’m thrilled to have counseled, coached & styled so many people day in and out while witnessing amazing transformations.  

Here, on my blog...I  intend to share fashion, design, beauty, health/fitness, and lifestyle news.  I invite you, my subscribers, to share and give your feedback!!! Be sure to comment, I’m all about having an interactive site with a healthy exchange of ideas and practices! 


I hope to not only report on current trends and lifestyle inspiration, but use this blog as a means of expressing myself artistically! I’m excited to share my insights, tips, and discoveries with you all as I continue to grow through my personal travels and overall life experiences!  


Whew!!! That was a mouthful!!!


So once again...welcome!!! And Thank you for subscribing to TracyDesignMyLife.

Until next time...
















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