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Adulting Hangover!

Have you ever just wanted to shirk all responsibilities and escape to the nearest body of water??? I mean flee your current situation with basically just a swimsuit, sunscreen, and leave-in conditioner in tow..... you know, “the essentials!” I literally keep having visions of myself ripping off my business suit and running into the ocean to the theme song of “Big Little Lies”. By the way, I don’t even wear suits for, um yes; I’m being a little dramatic!

Nonetheless, as much as I’m loving my life overall...I can’t deny that I sometimes feel a bit overextended. Yep, I said it! I said the thing most of us won’t say because we’re too worried that we’ll be perceived in a certain way. I didn’t even feel 100 percent comfortable saying I feel overextended without first letting you all know that “I love my life!” It’s like saying, “you know I simply adore my babies, I love being a mom more than life itself...but, I wish I could sleep or maybe bathe every once in awhile!” Yikes! We really need to be more evolved than that. It is ok to have more than one emotion at a time and not apologize or qualify it! As women, we’re constantly juggling a lot of balls in the air and if ever one drops it’s usually the one with our own name on it! Well I’m over that! If I feel like flying to Cabo for a fun girl’s weekend....I’m doing it!

Let’s be completely honest...paying bills, cleaning, laundry, and constant appointments isn’t the most exciting part of life. Necessary, yes!, hell no! So every now and again, I have to make a conscious decision to just let go! Let go of the chair full of clothes in the corner, reschedule a couple of appointments, pack a bag and book a room instead. If you’re feeling like you too have been sucker punched by adulting or have a nasty adulting hangover; I invite you to join me in the rebellion that is choosing a “time out!” If it’s the beach that’s calling out to you, a boat that’s been docked way too long, or a dance floor that’s dying to meet your new Jimmy Choos.... whatever it is, do it! Make some rules up for yourself that just feel good! That to-do list should include a few things that just simply makes you happy. The craziest thing about adulting is, everywhere you look, someone or something is pulling at you demanding your time, attention, and money! Reclaim as much of that time, attention, and even money for your own private passions. I’ve decided to do just that and I’m feeling better already! Until next time.... XO, Tracy


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