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Celebrating! A Necessity For All!

It’s October, my bday season. Woo hoo!!! And yes, I’ve been celebrating all month long with friends and family at multiple brunches, lunches, dinners, outings of all sorts spanning multiple cities and states.

This is the beginning of my “new year” so to speak! So, for me, that means new goals to conquer and also time for a retrospective look at my past year’s accomplishments.

There is a direct correlation between giving thanks and celebrating for me. I’m thankful for so many things in my life and I feel like all of our lives are worthy of celebration.

And while birthday celebrations are important of course, we shouldn’t limit ourselves to certain calendar dates that come around once a year! That same amazing feeling we experience when we commune together in order to celebrate each other’s special day is also what we need regularly, weekly if possible! We encounter multiple ups and downs in real life not to mention minute by minute revelations of all sorts in this social media era. Sometimes instead of a text, like, or FaceTime sesh; we need some real “face time” specifically with our girlfriends! Those nights out dancing, spa days, brunches, girl trips, etc., are a way for us to stay connected and are an expression of our gratitude for each other.

We all need those small celebrations just as much if not more than those annual ones to fuel us. Because celebrating with our girlfriends isn’t just a way to lighten our proverbial loads, but necessary for us to grow and heal. We grow and evolve as women when we share our experiences through laughter, tears, and yes even tough love when applicable. It’s so easy to get caught up in our own busy daily routines, it’s even easier to skip out on that weekend brunch or workout because we’ve had such a grueling week. I too have been guilty of choosing a nap over an outing in the past, but now I try my hardest to “make it” and you should too. Making time to connect with your gal pals is a straight up necessity! I can’t say it enough!!! There are vast health studies that support the notion that women thrive personally & professionally, have better overall health, and longevity as a result of being engaged in and supported by a circle of trusted women friends. So do yourself a favor and celebrate plenty & often! It’s good for you! Until next time.... XO, Tracy


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