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Fight For Your Life

Several different things may come to mind when you read the title above. For me, I immediately think of health and well-being. While physical health and fitness are extremely important, peace of mind is paramount. Unfortunately, there are all too many ways your peace can be disturbed. It could be as seemingly small as a pesky neighbor or an everyday annoyance that could simply give way to a headache. Or, it could be a hostile work environment, family dysfunction, a volatile relationship, etc., that could really get your blood boiling. Whatever it is, know that it’s important to take control of the situation. Why you ask? Well, I’ll tell you; your emotional state has a direct correlation to your physical health. Stress, heartbreak, sadness, and anxiety can all impact our health negatively. For example, stress itself has been linked to autoimmune diseases among other illnesses. So the point is, identify the source of the problem and take action steps to secure your peace. While meditation, deep breathing, and exercise are all important practices; depending on the circumstances you may need to change your environment all together. Start saving/investing some of your earnings if that will allow you to exit a hostile workplace. The same rings true if you need to leave a living arrangement that isn’t healthy. Also, gain support from individuals you trust. For those who choose to take a more private approach, seeking support anonymously from organizations is a viable option. Just know, this is your life! Fight to make sure you’re not allowing ANYONE or ANYTHING to strip you of your inner peace. Think about it, every action step/plan begins with a thought. Until next time....




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