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Home: Thanksgiving Gone Glam

While my family and I were excited to prepare a feast of our traditional New Orleans cuisine together, I was equally excited to design a Thanksgiving Tablescape worthy of the never ending bowls of gumbo, smoked turkey, stuffed get the picture! Creating a dining experience that would evoke oohs and ahhs was my goal! And I'm happy to report goal achieved!

Instead of a runner, I chose to flood the center of the table with floral seven gorgeous arrangements but who's counting?!!! I also included candles, and a sprinkle of pumpkins. As established before, I used an abundance of fresh flowers....all white roses, hydrangeas, and a few other fillers. Gold & green sparkly glam pumpkins with classic white dinnerware added a fresh aesthetic. I absolutely loooved it! I was feeling a little bit fancy I must admit! (With a table this good I couldn't resist wearing pearls, I couldn't let my table show me up!)

I also love the idea of mixing metals in my decor. My champagne votive holders/vases complimented the silver chargers and gold flatware beautifully. The linen napkins I used paired well with the green & gold metallic pumpkins as well as the tiffany blue stemware. Oh! You know I didn't forget placecards...we are civilized folk after all!!! Haha!!!

Ambiance is everything and this tablescape provided the perfect elegant glam atmosphere. Best of all, it's super easy for you to recreate my tablescape. Sure, Thanksgiving is over but you can easily swap the pumpkins for other decor for the rest of your holiday celebrations.

After Thanksgiving, I replaced the pumpkins with ornaments for a festive holiday quick change.

It's always a good idea to look through your existing decorative stash while planning your table design. This year my only new purchases for my Thanksgiving Table were fresh flowers and new flatware.

I bought bundles of flowers from my local market and designed arrangements the day before. Yes I did actually become a licensed floral designer many years ago, but trust me....creating stunning arrangements like a pro is simple! First, establish a budget. You can save hundreds of dollars arranging flowers yourself. Try to buy flowers that aren't fully bloomed yet. My pro your flowers in bundles of the same color and cut each bunch the same height for easy elegant arrangements. Add fresh water daily and promptly remove any wilting flowers to prolong the life of your bouquets. Also, never have warm air blowing directly on flowers. Ideally cool moderate temps will extend the life of your arrangements. Apply these tips and you can easily enjoy your fresh flowers for at least 5-7 days!

(White Dinnerware, Flatware-, Silver Chargers, Stemware -TJMaxx, Pumpkins- Hobby Lobby, Target, At Home)

Click On Flatware For Link

Go forth and beautify the world....or at least your home! Happy decorating from one glam goddess to another!

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