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Commentary: Social Awareness

Just because something doesn’t impact us or our comfortable lifestyles personally, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t care about it. Globally we should care about our environment including water & air quality whether or not our immediate community is affected. Same is true when it comes to social injustice. Immigration, police brutality, & gender equality are topics we should all be concerned about in this current political climate. We can look at our inner circle of friends and family. Is it a privileged circle in which everyone looks exactly the same, same etchnicity, same tax bracket? If we answer yes then of course it’s easier to feel removed from those who may be suffering or at a disadvantage. We can start there. The best way for us to become educated and more compassionate despite our own wealth and societal advantages is to welcome diversity personally and in business. Who can you invite to your table, into your inner circle, into your boardroom? Think about it!!!! Until next time.... XO, Tracy


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