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Beauty: Self-Care Sundays

Self-care Sundays are the butter to my biscuits, the champagne in my orange juice, the avocado on my toast, the berries atop my pancakes! I'm hearing myself and yes, I may have a slight carb addiction, haha!

All carbs aside, Sundays have become as synonymous with self-care, relaxation and renewal as brunch. So today I'm sharing a few of my favorite tools and products. Make sure to download the App & follow me, TracyDesignMyLife, for all of my beauty, fashion, home, & lifestyle must haves! I love that you're here with me and I'd also love your feedback once you've tried these beauty tools and products! (Click images for product details & shopping.)

Here's a few tips & tricks: For a cooling effect, before use, chill your products, roller massagers & Gua Sha Scraping Tool in your beauty fridge. Also, for even better results you could apply your products to your face before using your massagers. I'm a huge fan of these rollers & scraping tools, my face actually feels firmer after each use and my circulation has definitely improved. (Stay tuned to my instagram stories....I often use my massage rollers live or in videos.)

And a marble lazy susan is a super convenient and gorgeous way to access your creams, serums, oils & facial tools in your bathroom or on your vanity. Just give it a spin and everything you need is right at your fingertips! You'll use it in your bathroom just as much as your kitchen.

Now you're all set for your Self-care Sundays!!! Happy shopping babes! Go forth and pamper yourselves properly!

Until next time...




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