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Happy Anniversary TracyDesignMyLife!

Cue the fireworks!!!! Today

is such an exciting day for's the one year anniversary of Wow! What a year it's been. This time last year I was taking a huge leap of faith and officially doing what I was born to do....influence!

For as long as I can remember, I've been sharing my "how to's" and "go-to's" so I had a burning desire to make it official! I did just that with And trust me, there's been quite a few interruptions and delays along the way, but in true Tracy form, I kept forging onward and upward. In fact my reoccurring theme has been "keep going."

Years before actually publishing my blog, I was collecting content and writing articles, but I was so busy with my other roles as a mom, wife, & career woman that I just didn't know how I could add another role to my repertoire. Incidentally, I watched a number of women I admire launch their blogs/projects and I even edited articles for one of them while my own articles and blog sat dormant & unpublished.

I pride myself on living life to the fullest without limitations, without being a bystander... yet, I was witnessing so many of my ideas being realized by strangers while I felt stuck in so many ways. So a year ago, I launched my perfectly imperfect blog! The reality is, I had become so phenomenal in terms of encouraging others to goal set and plan while I was still in the dreaming phase.

So what did I want to accomplish & what do I want to accomplish with my blog? The answer is simple...alot.

For me, my blog is just the beginning! Of course I want to still share my love of fashion, design, beauty & lifestyle, but it doesn't end there.

As a creative & designer I'm excited to launch new products and continue building relationships with my favorite companies. This year I joined the largest influencer network, and its been so exciting to have my friends, clients, and supporters not only shop home, fashion, beauty & lifestyle with me but also allow me to style them and their homes. As an influencer with, I have a huge platform. I've got the inside skinny on sales and exclusives that I love sharing!!!!

So let's talk about what kind of year it's been....

We're in month 8 of a global pandemic. My teenage kids are in school online and my husband and I also work exclusively from yes this year has certainly been different to say the least. A year ago I would have never in a million years guessed that life would consist of canceled trips, curbside pickups, home deliveries, social distancing, a complete new norm. We just elected a new President and our first ever female Vice President not to mention she's our first woman who happens to be both black and of south asian decent. And another first, she's also from an HBCU as am I.

America is in the midst of an awakening. There's a call for social and racial change and we've had our hearts ripped out and stomped on or should I say knelt on this year for the whole world to bear witness.

There's definitely a shift politically & socially. As a nation we are ready to start the healing process while continuing our efforts to bring forth change....change that is long overdue.

Though this has been a tumultuous year, I am grateful for so so much. God has been so good to me, and I'll continue to have joy and honor Him through all of my ups and downs. This year I've grown and learned some important lessons. They haven't all been easy lessons. I've experienced some heartbreak, parted ways my some, strengthened relationships with others, had more self reflection time than I've had in about 20 years to be perfectly honest. With the time I've gained from not being a chauffeur for my kids among other things, I was also able to see things, people, situations, and relationships more clearly and for what they really are.

I'm grateful for the support of my family, friends, supporters, worldwide subscribers....and subscribers who've become my friends & family. I thank you all! Thank you for growing with me and I can't wait for us to celebrate post pandemic! I see you all, I thank you for reading my blog posts, following-liking-commenting-sharing-saving my instagram posts, following & shopping my thank you!

My best advice to myself may also be beneficial for some of you...start where you are! Just start with whatever resources you have and grow organically! Don't be a bystander in your own life.

So as I continue to be myself unapologetically, I'll keep bringing you along for the ride. Cheers to a beautiful future my friends. Cheers to us!

Until next time...




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