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Get The Look: Luxe Neutrals

We're finishing up week two of 2021 and sure, life is still extraordinarily "different" for us.

Newsflash! We're still in the midst of a global pandemic.

Some of us are still social distancing.

Plenty of us are working from home with our kids just a few feet all times!

Honestly, it's exhausting!

Redefining normal is taxing at best when we're faced with so many new norms from day to day.

So...I'm issuing a's quite simple but crucial. Ready? Drum roll please....dah-dah-dah-da-dum... Get dressed!!!! You heard me correctly! Simple, yet genius! Get real clothes. It's so easy to spiral out of control when there are so many unknowns lingering. In order for us to resume some semblance of "normalcy" we've got to keep it together...a portion of the time that is. I know, I know, mind-blowing isn't it?!!!

Trust me, I'm a seeker of balance so of course I'm down for PJ only days. However, getting ourselves properly prepped & dressed is a discipline we can't cast aside. Getting ready for the day, even glamming it up every once in a while isn't just a luxury...there's scientific evidence,(I'm sure),citing a spike in productivity & mood enhancement as a result! I can use myself as a case study to account for data if you need it.

Ok! It's settled, we agree to get dressed.

Now, let me introduce you to what I like to call, "monochromatic luxe!"

Achieve a luxe look this winter in a snap using a monochromatic color scheme.

Whether it's winter whites or other neutral tones or even the always classic black on black...sticking to the same color palette works every time!

Monochromatic outfits add a level of sophistication & drama to your wardrobe. Drama should always be reserved for your clothes, not your relationships. You can indeed quote me on that!

Now let's move on to upgrading your look without breaking the bank.

When planning your seasonal lookbook, identify what style you're drawn to presently. Creating a digital lookbook is a simple way to store curated collections by your fave stylists, celeb inspo, or ideas you've got floating around. Now, take inventory of your closet, this is such an important practice. Always consider what pieces you already own, it's a major money saving tip. I've already expressed to you the importance of becoming an intentional spender in my last article, "Finance: Intentional Spending For The Savvy Shopper."

As you take inventory of your closet you may find multiple pieces of the same color. It's usually the case. We often buy the same colors or variations in similar shades subconsciously.

Identifying your existing color scheme is you can assess whether or not it's working for you. If you're still loving your grey & charcoal hues for example, just build multiple looks from there.

However, if you realize you'd like to shift your style and color scheme, invest in a few staples you can mix and match instead of completely purging your entire closet.

Focus on purchasing key statement pieces and add ons to accompany your existing pieces. For instance, if you already have a faux fur you're still obsessed with from last season, reuse it and redirect your budget to the it bag you can't stop thinking about.

Build a wardrobe that you can use interchangeably!

Consider layering a variety of textures when styling your monochromatic looks.

Layering is not only practical, but adds a level of interest. It's très chic!

Take a look at my outfit, I can easily use each item I'm wearing here to create completely different looks consistent with my overall lookbook.

For a different occasion, I styled these boots with the same sweater dress, belted it, and added a snakeskin print clutch. It looked fabulous and effortless. And dare I!!! I dare, ha ha!

Use what you already have! These boots have been on repeat with everything from slip dress/sweater combos, to skinny jeans, mini skirts, and shirt dresses. (Click pics below for links, items starting under $30.) Elevate your look with these options.

I'm sharing some of my fave finds and amazing sales so you can "get the look!" Get excited about dressing up & as a bonus you'll most likely experience my favorite side!

Follow me on and never miss out on my daily finds & exclusive sales!

Until next time...





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